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Family of Woodstock Inc. There is an organization that has been created to deal with many of the Human Services issues on society today, when this local community identified the growing needs of its citizens they addressed it by creating this organization, Family of Woodstock Inc. This paper will discuss how the organization was founded, its specialized services, how the values, attitudes and belief of the organization has grown and changed over the years and how that has affected their services. As well as how this has become a trend in the field of social services as a whole. The Founding Back in the late 1960 there was a famous festival held in New York called Woodstock. It was a music festival that was attended by thousands. The little…show more content…
In the beginning it was about providing shelter, food and clothing to the homeless and runaways. As times changed and we see more people with Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse and Mental Health issues. Woodstock Inc. has opened Domestic Violence shelters and has obtained grants and funding to provide the other needed services to their ever growing and changing population. Family of Woodstock provides free (with a few exceptions) confidential services to their clients. Today these services include Family shelters, domestic violence shelters and programs, emergency food pantries, court advocates, counseling, case management, hotlines, child care support, adolescent programs, substance abuse and mental health services. This organization strives to provide services as needed to their ever changing population. With much creativity and the ability to combine multiple services they are able to provide culturally competent services assistance and to help close the gap in services created by traditional programs. Staffed by volunteers and paid employees their organization has continued to grow and change according to the need. This is an amazing example of Human Service Providers. Our county would truly benefit if more agencies adopted the practices of Family of Woodstock

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