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Woodstock! My name is Sunflower, and I was born at one of the most historical music gatherings in U.S. History, maybe you’ve heard of it, it was called Woodstock. I was one of two children born at the actual festival. I feel lucky that I got such a unique birthplace. True believers still call Woodstock the high point of an era devoted to a goal of peace and love. Cynics say it was a ridiculous end to an era of naiveté. Then there are those who say it was just a seriously great party. It took 6 months to prepare for the big event. Tickets bought three days in advance were $18, the price at the gate was $24. Woodstock began at exactly 5:07 pm on Friday August 15, 1969. Richie Havens began the festival with “Minstel From Gault Q”. My mom and dad were 2 of about 400,000 people that came on to the 600 acre farm of Max Yasgur in Bethel, NY that day. My mom says Yasgur should of offered his farm up for the sake of the cause but in the end he got about $50,000 for the use of his property. All over the country people watched footage and read about the festival that many believed was going to be a disaster, but they were proved wrong. Music was the peacekeeper at Woodstock, as the people in the audience listened to the music groups that performed. The stage was about only about 80 feet wide, but no one seemed to care as long as they could hear the clear, chill sounds of the music. Thirty-two of the best known musicians of the time appeared during the festival. I wasn’t the only one born at Woodstock, there was one other child born there besides me. Sadly, 3 deaths occurred there as well. Mom and dad said that everyone has their time to go and when a door is closed, another one opens. I guess the doors of their lives closed allowing my door and the other child’s door to open. That’s the circle of life and appreciating that and showing the world what it was

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