Woodrow Wilson War Message Analysis

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Writing Assignment 2 In Woodrow Wilson's “War Message” to Congress on April 2nd 1917, he conveys to Congress the situation with Germany at that time and how he felt that America should step in and correct the wrong doings of Germany. At that time, Germany had declared that any ship coming into port with any of Germany's enemies would be taken out by submarines. This would include ports in Great Britain, Ireland, and western Europe. Living up to their own claim, innocent American lives, as well as innocent men and women on other ships coming to port, were taken out by these submarines. Wilson claims that this was in direct violation of the International Laws and he goes on to say that Germany's action are a declaration of war against the…show more content…
In Wilson's “War Message” he seems to be trying to pull at the hearts of the men of Congress and bring to light the intensity of the situation. He also seems to focus on the idea that entering the war would not be in revenge, but rather an attempt to bring the world back to a neutral state. When reading the document by W. W. Norton, you realize all the problems that Germany caused for American trading and even problems within the country itself. The document talks about how Germany had conspired with Mexico and told them that they would help in taking back Texas, New Mexico,and Arizona if Mexico agreed to take arms against the United States with Germany. Reading this you can see how entering the war was more than just a peace keeping mission as expressed by Wilson in his message to Congress. Although these two pieces differ in the reasoning for America's intervention, they both express the intensity of the situation. Germany was on a rampage, killing anyone who tried to trade with their enemies. Something needed to be done and America was the country that had to do it. These two pieces both have great value with the message to Congress having the most. Without Wilson's “War Message” more lives would have been lost and the American economy would have been greatly affected. Without “America and the Great War – A Document Overview” people in today's society might not truly understand the entire
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