Woodmere Case Study

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Woodmere Time-Based Logistic Solution MGT 312 July, 12 2015 Introduction: Woodmere a top base furniture manufacture and HomeHelp a major home decorating retailer are both looking into introducing a time-based logistic strategy which will help distribution of supplies to their customers in a timely fashion as well as keeping inventory in stock and available. According to Nan, her company HomeHelp is considering having an availability of window fashion for her in-store-customers and feels that Woodmere can be the supplier of choice, since they are a top window fashion manufacturer. After meeting with John Smith the sales representative for Woodmere she explained to him in details there are two major rules which applies they are, she only “deal with manufactures and keeping cost low and service high” is very important. (Nan) She hopes with their focused on channels of distribution and their investment in information technology both her and Woodmere will be able to reduce cost and over customers superior product availability. (Bowersox, 2013) In this case the major business propositions for Woodmere and HomeHelp to consider in evaluating this proposal is the fact that they both can improve the needs of their customers through an improvement of technology using a time-based logistic system, which will help with the replenishment of inventory based on customers demand. Through this advancement they will be better able to service customers and have a better hold on their inventories. The future perspective of annual growth is also available with HomeHelp from an existing 10% to at least 20%. The installation of information transmission system, from POS data to manufacturing plant will lead to cost but will benefit both companies in the long run. One of the major change or addition

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