Wooden on Leadership

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GOLDEN GATE BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY WOODEN ON LEADERSHIP BY JOHN WOODEN AND STEVE JAMISON A REACTION PAPER PRESENTED TO RANDY MCWHORTER AND MARSHALL SHELLY IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR DMINN 411 BY MICHAEL J. CLEMENTS JULY 31 – AUGUST 6, 2014 A REACTION PAPER TO THE BOOK: Wooden on Leadership Introduction Wooden on Leadership by John Wooden and Steve Jamison (W&J) help the reader understand leadership through illustration and definition. W&J defines success for the individual as peace of mind in direct result of realizing one’s potential by the effort completed. For example, success would not be measured by comparing one individual with another. People have various skills, talents, and genetics, and hence, have different potentials. Therefore, according to W&J, success is measured by individual potential. Others may be superior in talent, speed, height, weight, or genetics, but no one should be superior in determination, fight, character, and spirit. Leaders are the catalysts in helping those they manage or coach to maximize their effort, skill, and ability. Once effort, skill and ability are maximized, potential can be reached. The author’s definitions and illustrations of leadership are submitted through Wooden’s pyramid of success. Reaction For W&J, a leader must be able to effectively transfer what one knows to the one managed or coached. Illustrations to that effect were given throughout the book. The writers spoke about leading by example. W&J teach that a leader should demonstrate the desired product. I could not agree more. Several months ago I asked for a commitment from church members involving a four week outreach campaign. The activity was carried through canvassing particular houses in our town. More than thirty-six people faithfully attended each Sunday evening, and more than four
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