Wooden Electric Generator Essay

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Deidra Williams ENG 1113-31 Candyce Sweet 10 July 2010 Children and Firearms: Finding a Solution How many children die because of firearms? While walking down the street, I witnessed a child hold a gun and point it at his friend; the young boy was only twelve years old. He thought it was funny to scare his friend with it. Generally speaking, guns have no place in the hands of children. Many kids go to jail because they think guns are “cool.” They carry guns into their homes, school, stores and many other places without anyone knowing. Overall children should be prohibited to use firearms. Although there are many problems with children and firearms; there are also several solutions to keep guns out of the hands of children. Parents, authorities, teachers, and others should try to teach and help children stay away from firearms. Parents should not be around children with their guns. When a child notices a parent with a gun, they quickly think that they should also have one. According to Alan L. Hammond “Children will watch how parents handle guns. If parents are careless with weapons, should a child ever get their hands on it, they will mimic those actions.” Most children want to be exactly like their parents. Parents can solve gun problems by keeping guns out of sight. They should not have guns anywhere for children to find. Children are very curious, when they see their parents with a gun, they will try to search for it; the problem is that they will always find it. The solution is to not have firearms in the house for children to find them. The authority should go to high lengths to keep children away from guns. Many kids get a “slap on the wrist” for carrying a firearm. Many authorities tell them not to carry guns, and expect them to listen. The problem is that most kids do not listen. An action that the authorities should take is to go to schools and

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