Wood Grouse on a High Promontory Overlooking Canada Essay

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People are often seriously damaged by war ………..People often take very serious damage from war. Brothers connect in a certain none spoken way and wilderness brings pure peace to people. The short story is about two brothers' relationship and different world views on a trip in the wild at a promontory to Canada. The older brother named Gary had in the time of the actions just only come back from war in Vietnam. The little brother is fifteen and not much of man. At their trip they see a covey of birds flying in the sky. The two brothers agree in the beauty of the sight, but suddenly the little brother takes a small rock and throws it after one bird. It plummets to the ground and suffers with one wing crushed. Gary gets disgusted and sad. He cries while he puts an end to the birds suffering by breaking its neck with his one boot. Later in the evening after supper the little brother asks about the war; if Gary ever killed a man in Vietnam. Gary doesn’t answer but keeps on repeating the question. The little brother regrets his words and feels ashamed. In the night the two brothers have difficult to fall asleep and they talk about anything and nothing. They are both happy to be there with each other. They are brothers and they love each other. Jeg kan forstå, at jeg skal læse herfra?? We are close to the narrator, who which is a first person narrator. We see that because of the narrator’s references to himself by the use of "I". This gives an intense experience of the events. We read the story from take the main character’s point of view - in this story it is the little brother Bud. Opposite on the contrary, we don’t know much about Gary - only what Bud is able to observe and relate to the reader. For instance line 7, page 1 "But i could see Gary had seen things I hadn't". Bud is looking up to his brothers, but at the same time he fears him a bit because of the war he

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