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TKAM Chapter 14, 15, 16 Notes Summary o The previously serene Finch household is thrown into disarray. The townspeople oppose Atticus’ defending Tom Robinson and are making comments. When Scout hears the word “rape” and asks Atticus what it means, he gives a legal definition. This delicate situation is followed by Scout’s request to visit Calpurnia—which Aunt Alexandra immediately vetoes. When Scout tells Aunt Alexandra that she had not been asked, Atticus chastises Scout. o Jem and Scout find that Dill is hiding under the bed. o Jem motions for Scout to follow him upstairs where he explains to her that Atticus and Aunt Alexandra have “been fussing.” Scout realizes she has never heard anyone quarrel with Atticus. Jem asks Scout not to antagonize Aunt Alexandra since Atticus has “got a lot on his mind now, without us worrying him.” Jem tells Scout if she antagonizes their aunt, he will spank her. Scout curses Jem and a fight ensues which brings Atticus to separate them. Aunt Alexandra mutters “just one of the things I’ve been telling you about.” o The remark from Aunt Alexandra reunites the two children. When Scout walks to her bed she steps on something which she believes is a snake. When Jem brings a broom they find that Dill has run away from home and is hiding under her bed. The children get him a pan of cornbread and once he’s satisfied his hunger he weaves stories about how he came to Maycomb from Meridian. The children convince him to tell Atticus that he has run away. When Miss Rachel is told of Dill’s adventures, she raises cries of concern. Atticus sums up the night as going “from rape to riot to runaways.” o That night Dill climbs into bed with Scout. He explains to her why he ran away and how he actually got to the town of Maycomb. Their conversation concludes with speculations as to why Boo has never run away from home. They decide that he had no place to

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