Womens Suffrage Movement Essay

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The Women’s Suffrage Movement Women’s suffrage was not that important until the progressive movement. In the late 1800’s threw 1900 many progressive joined the suffrage movement in order for women to have a say so in who is running their country. At first, it started out slow, if a woman supported the movement they were considered unfeminine and immoral. There were many problems from the start. The biggest problem of this movement there were two separate groups with two very different strategies. The National American Woman Suffrage Association, led by Carrie Chapman Catt, thought the best way was to focus on passing a constitutional amendment. The second group, The National Women’s party, led by Alice Paul, believed that the best way to get the right to vote was to convince state government to give the right to vote to women by voting to amend the constitution. IN the 1800’s women were known to stay at home take care of the children, cook, and clean. They were not allowed to own land without their husbands’ permission or the male in charge of the women. They could not do anything with this land without permission or they would be in trouble at home and with the law. During this time, women could not do anything with a male telling her what to do. They were treated like children and did not have any freedom what so ever. If it were not for the progressive era, the 19th amemment most likely would not have been passed until the late 1900’s. Women in the National Women’s Party were willing to starve them self’s in jail to get attention the issue. To gain their freedom they started with the suffrage movement and they started to protest to get what they wanted because they were tired of having no freedom to do what they wanted. If it were not for these women who knows when the 19th ammement would have been passed. These women saved and freed women of

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