Womens Struggle For Equality

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Women’s traditional place on the American frontier has not been acknowledged until recent historians decided to re-write the one dimensional history of the frontier including the economic and social roles of women which contributed greatly to the expansion of the frontier. Women’s place on the frontier has now become vital to making any sense of the new settlement. Incorporating the experiences of both men and women on the frontiers ensures that we get a precise account of the time era ensuring all groups are represented as well as their contributions to the frontier. The struggles and roles of women in America during the period of "frontier development" needs to be radically and critically reassessed. There are numerous areas which women have contributed too and countless struggles that they overcame which support the need for such radical and critical reassessment. One of the many struggles that the women of the frontier had to overcome was the stereotypical role of being the housewives. Many of the women had to endure strenuous domestic responsibilities. As the wives of the house hold they cooked, cleaned, washed, and repaired clothes as well as looked after their children. They managed the kitchen, garden, the orchard and the dairy through which they kept their families fed. The women would also help on the farm when they were needed. Some women even up kept their own farms adding on to their daily labor. On the frontier rarely was a farm able to function without the women’s participation or a household run without their daily supervision. Aside from historians only depicting their roles as housewives women were also grouped into three certain groups known as the refined lady, the helpmate, and the bad woman. These images depicted throughout history have only portrayed women as the men seen them on the frontier and not much has been written about the

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