Womens Role in Wwii

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World War II caused enormous changes to the way that we thought about women role in society. When the guys went off to war there was a need for their jobs to be filled, so the percentage of women in the workforce increased dramatically. Women would also serve in the Women’s Land Army (WLA). The WLA were vital because so many men were getting called up to fight in the war. Once the women took over the men’s job, they got more respect. Also the men learned that the females have great capabilities and can be given more responsibility. Propaganda encouraged women to leave their families and do their patriotic duty, which would be to work while the men were off fighting in the war. With men in WWII the women would take over the common jobs. Common jobs were jobs that a “man” could do. Some of those jobs would be building ships and planes, becoming lumberjacks, train conductors, steelworkers, and drill press operators. By 1944 nineteen million women were employed in the United States. Women from the ages of thirty-five and up were sixty percent of the workforce. Girls between the ages of fourteen through nineteen made up another 17.3 percent of the workforce. Women also made an impact on the ground. The WLA is an all women ground support army. It was used in WWI and was effective, so they decided to bring it back in WWII. In August 1940, only seven thousand women joined but with crisis caused by Hitler and his U-boats, now there was a need for more women to join the land army. In 1943 there was a shortage of workers in the factories, so the government gave the women their choice to work in the factories or on land. The women mainly had two big roles work in the factory or on the land. Both were successful during WWII, earning the women more respect for their work. Because of WWII women got better jobs and were treated more
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