Women's Role In World War One

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,f The reason that the main character gives for joining the army is that all his friends joined the army, so he decided to as well. He also thought the pay was good, at a dollar and lo cents an hour and the opportunity to travel overseas In could not be passed up. I think men were so willing to sign up for World War 1 because they wanted to make their family proud by honouring their country and looked at the idea of war as a great adventure and a chance of a lifetime. They also wanted to destroy the enemy who threatened Canada's freedom at the time. Yes I think men and woman joined Canada's army today for the same reasons, to fight for the freedom of our country and to honour it. But they also aren't looking to destroy the enemy, their looking at maintaining peace and freedom in Canada. In a time of war, the reasons would switch back to destroying the enemy.…show more content…
Once it was obvious the Germans were not going to attack, you are able to stand down. You can now go eat breakfast, which was usually half a dozen biscuits and a can of Tickler's Plum and Apple Jam and a fresh cup of coffee. During this time, then men gossip and read old newspapers. After breakfast, your platoon commander inspects your platoon and then orders you to either do work detail, do sentry duty, or to bring wire from the rear trenches. In the late afternoon, you return to your dugout and eat more biscuits, cans of bully beef, Machonochie's stew, and drink tea or water. At night, you were sometimes chosen to go on sentry
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