Womens Rold in World War 1 Essay

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Women’s role in WW1 World War One was a life changing time for the women in more ways than one. Many women were stuck to jobs involving house work and serving but men got to choose from many choices. It changed the way the men saw women forever and the way society looks upon women, because when men had to leave to serve their countries all their labour jobs were empty and left for the women to take over. This was the women’s chance to show that they are equals and have the same rights. In this essay the topics we will be talking about are the women’s role in World War One, the rights of women before and after the war and the way the women were appreciated. Women in the nineteenth century didn’t have many rights, men practically owned them. This all changed in 1914 because society’s “idea” of the perfect women was someone who took care of the household duties and children, that when their husband came home from work they would have a clean house and a nice cooked meal ready for them. The working class would work as maids and in domestic service but once they were married they would quit. Women were not heard and if tried to be were shamed upon society. Women were doubted in society because they were seen as weak and men were “soupier” but when the war started this was there chance to prove society wrong. Women’s rights before the war were something today that would be unacceptable. Women didn’t have any property rights once she was married and could not keep the money she earned by herself once married but men’s rights were very different. Men could sell their family farm leave his wife and children with nothing, but today women’s rights have changed and the way society views women because of World War One and the roles they took on. Once the men left to serve in the war all their jobs that were too

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