Women's Rights During World War I

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Women's Rights? A female's freedom socially, economically, politically and desire to be equal can be defined as a movement of the Women’s Rights. It was during World War I that Canadian women earned many rights, including the right to vote, recognition of factory work and certain liberties such as speech and association. Through the ages, it has evolved into a woman’s time for education, participation in decisions like abortions, and intolerance towards domestic violence. They have come a long way but unfortunately, it is still also a long way away before women can truly achieve “equality”. Why must it be that during the war that women were recognized? It could be because women had to sew every piece of clothing the soldiers wore or perhaps it was the fact that women were the ones who had…show more content…
Still today, whatever the reasons may be, be it the upbringing or beliefs and religion, women are continuously treated differently in places like the Middle East as to here. Other issues like female circumcision may be something that is religious, but at the same time, it is dangerous and harmful. It causes emotional and physical pain, shock and even death to women. It is not enough if one side of the world has appealed to its female freedom and rights, when the other side is struggling. A situation like that is not fair. The inequality and issues relating back to women’s rights all around the world will always be present. Yes, women have made progress and demanded their rights; but men and women are greatly differing, from the way of thinking, all the way to measure of strength. If standards are lowered for women, how can that truly be claiming equality? As stated once before, women have made great strides but it will be a long road ahead if they wish to be up to par with men. It is as that proverb says, “the more things change, the more they stay the

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