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Womens Rights Essay

  • Submitted by: specialk03
  • on February 2, 2012
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From the beginning of the Tang dynasty, in China, in 618 on to the Song

dynasty, in China, in 960, the status of women in the beginning was looking good for

a change, but that hope for more rights ceased when their status went on a

downward spiral. In the beginning of these eras there were many rights in jobs,

traditional customs, and they had freedom of religion. In the middle of these   eras

the Chinese men changed their minds about religion, jobs, and traditional customs.

Finally, at the end of the Song dynasty women lost most of their rights in jobs,

freedom of religion, and they had no choice whether or not to participate in the new

customs for women.

In the beginning of the Tang dynasty there were high hopes of   women, in

China, being able to obtain more rights; making them that much more equal to the

superior man. Women were able to obtain religious authority and property. Women

were able to obtain religious authority by saying vows, which would make them a

Daoist priestess. Being a Daoist Priestess shows us that men weren’t the only type of

human beings able to hold a place of power. By women obtaining property shows us

that women could work for themselves and were independent from men.   During

this time women were quite happy with their rights, but the smile will soon be

wiped off their faces because their rights just keep dwindling down to nothing.

During the middle or end of the Tang dynasty and beginning of the Song

dynasty women’s rights were at there “peak” and started to decline slowly. The

Tang dynasty declined due to loss of communication throughout the empire,

generals and officials gaining too much power, and revolts causing the empire to be

weak and open for attack. The Tang soon fell then the Song dynasty came about fifty

years later. During the Song dynasty men began to change their minds about

religion, customs, and jobs. Many of...

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