Women's Voices, Women's Lives vs "The Stepford Wives"

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Joanna Eberhart is a mother, just like the women of “The Yellow Wallpaper,” “Seventeen Syllables,” and “I Stand Here Ironing.” Joanna loves her two daughters very much, seeing how she checks up on them at night, sits with one of them when her teddy bear is scared, and sees them off to school. Joanna is a good mother and cares for her children dearly; they are not a problem for her. The narrator of “The Yellow Wallpaper” just gave birth and fell into depression. The narrator in “The Yellow Wallpaper” doesn't feel a strong connection with her child though. She is depressed and the only source of connection was how she thought her child could not have handled the intensity of the ugly yellow wallpaper like her. This shows that she does care and think of her child, but her depression made her child another bad factor in her mental health. The mother in “Seventeen Syllables” has a daughter whom she demanded for her to never get married. She loves and cares for her daughter, and since she experienced the pain of marriage, the mother doesn’t want her daughter to be like her. Even though the mother started neglecting the family because of her creative job, she still showed connection with her daughter in the end with her demand. In “I Stand Here Ironing,” the narrator is a loving mother of Emily, who was a miracle to her. The mother tried to take care of her daughter the best she could and wanted to spend as much time as she could, but Emily’s father walked out on them and she was always working or looking for work. The narrator struggled to raise her daughter and shows deep feelings towards her, just like all the other mothers. All the mothers struggled in their motherhoods, except for Joanna
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