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2/17/13 Christina Chong WMST 200 Sexuality and Culture: Women’s Experience of Cultural Constructions of Sexuality Sexuality in its pure form is a basis for power and self-definition for women. Yet in the world we live in today sexuality has been corrupted by the mass media and it’s portrayal of women through two main outlets/misconceptions. First by means of ads women are given a definition of how they should act and look in order to be accepted and desired. Second the contradictions of men’s sexual activity and women’s causes an unjust judgment and rift between the sexes. Most people today are blind to the severity of ads and their impact on our lives and ways of thinking. This is due to its very quick & subtle properties. Rance Crain a former editor of Advertising Age quotes “Only 8% of an ads message is received by the conscious mind. The rest is worked and reworked deep within the recesses of the brain.” Thus ads are extremely dangerous in the fact that they use sexuality to sell more than just products. Subconsciously they sell values, concepts of love, success, and most importantly normalcy. The average person is exposed to 3,000 ads every day. This means for women they are told 3,000 times a day how they should act and what they should look like. Yet in reality the ideal image of perfection that is being portrayed by the media is in fact unachievable and imaginary. Every picture and ad has been technologically edited and enhanced several times before it is released to the public. Even so the unrealistic images capture the attention of women and young girls all across the world in an unhealthy manor. Jean Kilbourne quotes “thinness is about cutting women down to size.” Thus anorexia and low self esteem often result from women exposed to these types of ads early on. Some images turn a women’s body into objects dehumanizing them, which often
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