Women's Sportcasters Essay

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Women Sportscasters By Andascha Moore-Pryor Media Programming November 14, 2011 | | | | Mrs. Harry Johnson | Jane Chastain | | | | | | | Lesley Visser | Leandra Reilly | | The first network program that had a featuring female sportscaster debut was in 1948. This was the representative of NBC’s Sportswoman of the Week. It was a 15-minute sportscast, featuring a lady named Sarah Palfrey Cooke, who was a 13-time national women’s and mixed double tennis champion. She was known to have interview outstanding female athletes of the time. Despite her athletic achievements, Cooke was often regarded as simply a “beautiful” Boston socialite. However, the show was not picked up as a part of the NBC program listings in 1949. With that, women have come a long way in sports casting by trying to defeat what some viewers have called the “Barbie on the Air” image to complement the sports casting done by men. It began in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s with the wife of harry Johnson also known as Mrs. Harry Johnson, who was one of the earliest more significant woman sportscasters. She was well known because her husband was the sports announcer for Central Sates Broadcasting in Omaha, Nebraska. A woman named Jan Chastain was also a significant figure to women sports casting. Chastain was the first woman to work for the large network, CBS, and also thought to be the first woman to do play by play. However, in the mid-60’s Chastain face difficulties from the male television crew who weren’t ready to accept a female sportscaster. Another woman, Leandra Reilly was the first woman to do a play by play for an NBA game. Women were seen behind the anchor desk in the 1970’s. In 1976, Lesley Visser became the first female NFL beat writer. However, Ann Liguori among the other women in sports is known for owning, producing and hosting her own syndicated sports

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