Women's Portrayal in Macbeth

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The Evolution of Women; Macbeth It is clearly seen that women have been gaining influence for the past couple of thousand years, which has changed the obligations men have towards them. There is evidence of this seen in fictional characters throughout history, and into the modern day. Early examples can be seen in Beowulf, where the women of the mead hall are completely disrespected in a time where any man capable of providing can have their pick. In Macbeth, although strong, women are still not respected or included in official affairs, but men are somewhat ‘required’ to be courteous, and have knightly behavior. However in modern times, women are almost completely respected and equal, and encouraged to be active members of society and government. Despite being equal, it is men who are often told by society that in order to get a woman they must ‘woo’ her with gifts and actions, as seen in the movie ‘Arthur’. Over the course of time, women have not only been gaining equality, but the way that men interact with women has also evolved, from Disrespect and inequality to respect and equality. In early years, Women got no respect, and were not considered equal. Thusly, the obligations of men were minimal. This behavior in man’s interaction with women is clearly shown in the poem Beowulf, when only the luckiest of women are to serve ale to the men of the mead hall. Built to commemorate soldiers, men are to celebrate their victories, and may show a blatant disregard for manners and respect if they should so please. It was a time in history when all a man needed to do to have his pick was to defend honor and put food on the table. Men were a symbol of violence, and women were their trophies, as Beowulf displays when he says, “I have heard moreover that the monster scorns in his reckless way to use weapons; therefore, to heighten Hygelac's fame and gladden his heart, I
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