Women's Opportunities Limited By Stereotypes

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Stereotypes and prejudice is a huge problem what causes gender inequality and can limit women’s opportunities in different ways. The most important problem is that most of women can’t do some types and sorts of jobs. There are loads of stereotypes what existed very long time. For example even long time ago women always seems as a housewives and baby sitters. This stereotype was made by history. Women always had to cook for husbands, look after baby, clean the house, but men always was a ‘bread earner’. These types of work always were holding women from working at different types of jobs. For example some of employers don’t let women to work at some types of jobs because woman for example soon may have baby and she will have to leave even if woman don’t even plan a baby yet. Also some of men just don’t let women to work just because someone needs to cook and clean house while husband earns money. In some of the African countries women always have to look after babies, look after the shelter, find the water and do all sorts of jobs like that. Also in Indian countries women always had less rights than men. And even if in Britain or other countries this stereotype can be challenged in countries such as Africa or India it hasn’t changed for a very long time. Women also is portrayed as week and delicate so women hasn’t got an access to jobs like building, driving and so on, just because they don’t seem as strong as men. For example if woman is quite skinny and she seems delicate employers will think that she will not be able to work in building sites because she might be not so strong to do this type of work. Also women always was portrayed as psychologically weak and some employers might not take women on jobs like doctor just because they think that women couldn’t handle for example operations. Firstly, women’s independence is very important just because a

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