Women’s Obstacles In The Business World

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Women’s Obstacles in the Business World In the business world there are many obstacles that men and women have yet to face. Overall, women have a lot more that stands on their way to get to the top of the career ladder. Women tend to have less confidence then men in the business world. Also taking on the first before the opportunity is no longer available and speaking up for them and taking the lead more in the work world. All of these situations stem from the lack of confidence that most women have in the business world. A famous quote by Vincent Van Gogh says, “If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint”, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” Everyone, especially women should listen to this message because it is usually ourselves that hold us back from what we want to accomplish. Confidence is key, to go to the next level in the business world. When a woman has complete confidence in herself, she reaches high levels and also helps those that are on their side to achieve those goals that are in mind. Moreover, on the job everyone is given the same opportunities to advance their career. One obstacle that women go through is making them an outcast and tends to find all the wrongs that are in the business verses looking at every job assignment a gateway to success. Taking on that extra job assignment that may seem overwhelming for a woman with all of her other responsibilities; her children, her family but, this could be that breaking point between herself and another co-worker. Sometimes doing things that we are unsure of in the work place such as taking on an extra task or taking a business trip could be very beneficial to building the career that they actually seek. Women take on a lot more responsibility than men. Women are wives, mothers, co-worker, employee and etc. When women get in these roles they tend to pick one

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