Women's History Biblography Essay

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Karra Bryant Annotated bibliography "Audrey Patterson-Tyler, Olympic Medalist, 69." New York Times 26 Aug 1996, Print. P The author’s thesis is make sure Audrey (Mickey), is remembered for making a huge milestone for white and African-American women alike by winning the first gold medal for black women. This article is about commemorating and honoring Audrey Patterson-Tyler on her achievements and accomplishments. Also about explaining how she died and who she is survived by. Patterson-Tyler committed her life to promoting racial harmony and coaching over 5,000 youths. The author’s source is a death certificate and investigation into Patterson’s life and family. The article is Patterson’s obituary so therefore is a personal connection to the subject and is a good source to learn about Patterson. The author’s sources are valid because they are official government documents, and valid descriptions of Patterson’s relationships with her family and who she is survived by. This obituary was helpful to my research because it gave me a snapshot of Patterson’s life, and an official death date. Knowledge of Patterson’s accomplishments and how she worked for racial equality and peace added to my research greatly, and challenged my belief of who the first African-American woman to win a gold medal was. Clarey, Christopher. "Woman Ski Jumpers Win Their Place in Olympics." New York Times 06 Apr 2011, Print. This article is about women trying to make their way into the winter Olympics sport by sport. Every sport has male and female athletes except for ski jumping, until this winter Olympics. The author’s sources are from official documents from meetings about making all winter sports include both genders and interviews with the people this decision will affect. These sources are helpful because they are straight from the source so we know that they are valid
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