Women Who Made a Difference Essay

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Women Who Made a Difference January 9, 2012 World War II came after the women’s right to vote, which was a major accomplishment for women. But when the war started in 1941, the women in the military were nurses. WWII opened up opportunities for women that had never been available before. As the men were called up for duty, the women was left behind to care for families (Beasley, 2002), which meant they had to work and provide for their family. Most jobs were deemed a “man jobs”, but employers had to hire women to replace the men who went to serve. This was the turning point for many women, and the roll they played in society. Women trudged forward and stood beside their man, their country, to take part in the war, in the factory, and even in the fields. A lot of woman were not used to working long days and coming home to do domestic chores, but this all changed when their husband and bread winners went off to war. They were needed to support their families. Women became pilots during the war (Smith,1999), this was the first time this had happened. More then one thousand women passed the course to obtain their pilots license. They proved that they could handle what the war dished out, just as well as a male. They took control of their lives, something that before this time was normally controlled by the man of the house. The Government trusted in them, it was time for society to trust in them as well. This was a time for the female to take a stand. During the war, females served as caretakers of the wounded, not just nurse’s, as factory workers, not just housewives, as mother and father, not just mom, they took on many roles. By the time the war had ended, most thought women should return to domestic spheres of wife, mother, and homemakers, housewives. Many did not want to turn their jobs

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