Women Violence Essay

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# 317 Psych of Women Final Paper Women have always been seen as the inferior species when put against the middle class white male who has been designated the social norm. According to Dictionary.com, the Sexual Revolution is defined as a drastic relaxation in general standards of sexual behavior. The most recent occurred in the 1960s. This time marked the beginning of allowing women to access birth control, and experience their sexuality more freely, in non-traditional relationships. In the past 50 years I do believe that a sexual revolution has occurred, although the stereotypes and negative stigmas may remain, and there are still measures taken to control women sexuality. In the case of birth control, women have easy access to it and are even encouraged to use it, and if a woman becomes pregnant she can have an abortion, although there are limitations on that option. Women are allowed to control whether or not they want to give birth and if they want to be mothers or not. However this does not remove the negative reactions to these choices that they make, and women’s bodies are still under some sort of control by a power other that our own. Examples of these forces come about with women in the workplace, and violence against women. When it comes to women in the workplace things can become very difficult. The first obstacle encountered is the hiring process where the variable of motherhood defines our qualifications. Just the fact that we are female are a factor salary, and in the consideration for promotions. Our looks, and our bodies subject us to constant harassment in the workplace. Harassment includes unwanted sexual advances or suggesting advancement for sexual favors. In the United States a reported 44% of women say that they have been sexually harassed in the workplace (Gruber 1990, A new Psychology of Women, pg 687,). This harassment that women

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