Women, the Unknown Soldiers Essay

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Women, the Unknown Soldiers "The Vietnam Conflict: Women, the Unknown Soldiers." The Vietnam Conflict: Women, the Unknown Soldiers. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Jan. 2013. This source tells you about how the women that want over to Vietnam to help the man that got either got shot wounded or had dieses they would go over and treat them they didn’t call them patients but casualties. The nurses would have little to none training in the medical field on how to do treat them; the older women who was sent over has had then two years of training in the medical field but the others had less then six months of it. The soldiers were being treated for multiple drug addiction during the end of war. American people started setting up drug wards to wean them off all types of drugs like marijuana, opium, amphetamine, cocaine and most common thought out the man was heroin. The Viet congs had underneath tunnels under the city they had hospitals, firing bases and a lot more with the women knowing this they were put in fear and they stayed all together they never got away from the group even thou some man would stay guard and watch the perimeter of the safe camp. This source relates to my question because it tells you how the women had to go thru training and how they were treated during the war but also when they were trying to save the soldiers life, some of the nurses had to watch the man die and had to cut arms off because of the deadly chemicals of napalm and phosphorous that burned skin right down to the born since the skin wouldn’t grow back the nurse had cut the arms and legs off the soldiers. When they got home they were treated just like the male soldiers they didn’t relate to the house wife’s or other women because the others couldn’t understand why these women were like this and this jumpy to everything around them, the nurse wouldn’t talk to them of how it was over there

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