women talk too much

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Women Talk Too Much Do women really talk more than men? Many people seem to think so, but is this assumption based on stereotypes or fact? And who determines how much talk is “too much?” In mixed gender groups, contrary to the stereotype, women do not talk more than men. They talk less. In the preponderance of studies I have read over the years it has been shown that men talk more than women in informal social gatherings. But, a different research has shown quite the opposite, which you will see later in the text. Given this fact, it is difficult to see how the stereotype that women talk too much could have emerged since that would have been the sort of context that would foster such a view in men. One reason men might think that women talk too much is that women want to talk when men really don't want to listen. Moreover, men and women tend to talk about different things. "Men in the study tended to talk more about technology and sports, while women talked more about their relationships" The fact that males and females prefer to talk about different things could lead to the perception that women talk too much because they talk about things men don't much care about. The more direct link is with status, in combination with the formality of the setting (status tends to be more relevant in formal situations). The basic trend, especially in formal and public contexts, is for higher-status speakers to talk more than lower-status ones. The gender pattern is explained by the observation that in most contexts where status is relevant, men are more likely than women to occupy high-status positions. “If all other things are equal, gender itself is a hierarchical system in which men are regarded as having higher status. “ Men seem to be more concerned with asserting status and power than women are. “Women, it seems, are willing to talk more in relaxed social
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