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Postion Paper: Being a feminist Courteney DeMerchant WGST 1808A October 13, 2014 Before I attended my first lecture for Women and Gender Studies if I was approached by someone and asked the question “are you a feminist” the first thought I would have is “NO, I am not a hater of men, I seek for equality of both sexes!” after sitting through lectures, talking to other self proclaimed feminists I can now proudly say “YES, I am a feminist” I am able to understand that feminism does not necessarily mean that I view women as a more superior sex rather I understand that women as a whole have had their share of oppression and we must embrace and motivate their successes and accomplishments in social, economic, political and cultural positions. As a feminist I campaign for equal rights for women in first and third world countries, I aim to be an influential woman, I am proud to identify with this social class, even though I notice the occasional glare when I proudly declare that I am a feminist. Although being a feminist has it’s challenges and risks it also has an endless amounts of benefits. Becoming a feminist or better yet realizing that I have always been a “closet feminist” lifted a great weight off of my shoulders. I am now able to identify with a community of people that share the same belief and goals that I have. I view feminism as a community, a collection of people that hold many of the same values and beliefs with one main goal: to advocate the rights of women and men. With every label comes stereo typing and certain expectations. We briefly went over these in class that all feminists hate men, therefore all feminists are lesbians, or that feminists are ugly and do not care about their appearance. This however is very far from the truth. Feminists through history have proved this notion of fact as complete blasphemy Olympe de Gouges who is well known as

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