Women Studies Novel Essay

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“All too often women believe it is a sign of commitment, an expression of love, to endure unkindness or cruelty, to forgive and forget. In actuality, when we love rightly we know that the healthy, loving response to cruelty and abuse is putting ourselves out of harm's way.” ― Bell Hooks, All About Love: New Visions Bell Hooks quote express how women have always believed that accepting abuse, depression, and unhappiness from their spouse shows how much they are committed in their relationship. To forgive and forget the torment their loved ones has brought upon them because they believe its true love they have been shown, even there the pain they believe their relationship will get better. However in actuality that our spouse is not showing rightful love but wrongful causing an unhealthy yet harmful relationship just like how Both women in the two novel were not only treated disrespectful but they were abused and used for their lover’s own needs. Both women suffered from emotional abuse causing them to be at a depressed state and self-doubtment of the choices they make in life. In the book “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the main character Jane suffers from depression in the story. Her husband John, who is a physician, thought that moving to a new home would better their marriage and his wife. He believe that for best he could cure his wife from depression by keeping her in her room most of the days however it ended up making it worse. Jane was not fit to take care of her own children that John’s sister Jennie acts like a housekeeper and baby sitter to them. John being Jane’s doctor took into consideration that putting her into and room for hours and giving her no right to talk or speak her mind could help her from depressed when actually has worsen her depression. Jane becomes very unstable and is not capable of taking care of her and her
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