Women In Sport

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Australian Volleyball provides equity for athletes in regards to participation but like many sports issues need to be addressed to ensure gender equality is achieved. Women have made a consistent and significant contribution to Australian sports at all levels however they are still not always provided with the same opportunities. Gender equality is the “unequal and biased treatment between the two sexes” which guarantees the dominant position of men and subordination of women which is known as hegemonic masculinity (www.uchicago.edu). Even though volleyball is one of the most equitable sports in Australia, women still receive a lack of media coverage in comparison to men. Often sexploitation occurs in volley ball which is due to certain uniform requirements. By the lack of equity in sports of today a wide range of population groups are affected, including young women in society who are not encouraged to participate in sports possibly due to lack of confidence in body image due to the current uniforms. Professional sports women are also affected by the inequality in sport, especially in volleyball as they are unable to make a proper living due to low payments. The media has a significant influence on individuals and the culture in which they live in, it persuades the audience to obtain certain beliefs and creates opinions especially in relation to women in sport (REFERENCE) . There is serious lack of media coverage allocated to women’s sport resulting in the misinterpretation of women in physical activity. The role of the media plays an important role in an athletes’ career and women of today receive inadequate coverage and are often stereotypically portrayed when they are included. (www.dsr.nsw.gov.au). This lack of representation in the media can been seen in a report by the Australian Sports Commission which showed women’s sport receives only 1.2% of all air
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