Women Silent? Essay

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Khadija Taib, 635269 Response to Maura Kelly’s: Op-Ed Column Maura Kelly’s argument is that women’s contribution to Op-eds signifies a deeper gender gap in society, that despite the lack of ‘old boy’s networks’ women are still quiet when it comes to giving their opinions. She asks, with rhetorical cleverness whether women are silent by choice and whether the 15% contribution to Op-eds by women implies that they’re underrepresented in the society’s most important issues and discussions because women choose not to participate. Maura Kelly concludes that women do not have the confidence that their opinions matter or do not push their opinions forward because they feel they are not informed enough. Maura Kelly’s sources the argument that Op-eds are “not about writing. They’re about power”. Not all women necessarily see this to be so, and while it is true that women will give opinions only when they feel they are informed enough this is not some weakness, but belies a deeper intelligence. Women are fully aware of the ‘conversation’, but will only serve their parts and say what they feel when they feel it will be constructive or beneficial. Women are self-assured enough not to feel the need to wave about opinions that lack intelligence, they will not blow their trumpets as men can be argued to do. Women’s lack of postage could be due to women being intelligent enough not to make statements when they are not knowledgeable about the topic. They feel no pressing need to wave about opinions that are uninformed and thusly stupid. It is not for a lack of confidence. It is pride. When women do give their opinions, as with the issue of reproductive rights, Maura Kelly brushes them aside and effectively dismisses the idea of a free female mind to further her own argument by implying that women are still being controlled by male religious leaders, politicians and op-ed writers
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