Women Role in the Church

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Women’s Role in the Church Palm Beach Atlantic University Women’s Role in the Church Most roles in the Christian Churches are male dominated due to varied interpretations of the Bible. In some denominations within the Christian faith, such as Roman Catholicism, women are not allowed to have important religious roles within the Church. In some Christian Reformed Churches women are allowed to be elders and ministers, but in others, they are forbidden to do so. Some other denominations, such as United or Presbyterian, allow women to have religious roles within the Church and are viewed as equal to men. Each group uses the Bible to support their policy on women’s involvement in the Church activities. 

 Women in the first century Church were very active. They preached, were elders and deacons, and were viewed as equal to men. This is shown best in Acts 2:17-18 (New International Version), “In the last days…your sons and daughters shall prophecy…even my bond slaves, both men and women.” This passage says that men and women will be leaders in the Churches and spread God’s word around the world. In 441 AD women’s roles in the Catholic Church were totally eliminated and women were to be silent in the Church. Women were told to serve but to never have authority over men. Since the mid 1900’s women’s roles in the Church have been looked at in the Bible, and many Churches have re-evaluated women’s roles in church activities. The Roman Catholic Church is against having women in clergy. The Catholics believe that women can never be priests due to the Bible and that Jesus excluded women from priesthood and the church has always followed his example by never ordaining women. There were never any priestesses, and some Catholics believe that female priests are contrary to the Lord’s plan. There are very many arguments that try to show that women should not be in clergy. The
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