Women Portray in Tennessee Williams Novel

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Women Portrayal in Tennessee William’s Plays Chakris Vongtanaanek Literature into Films Dr. Kennedy Section-Blue 5/20/13 Throughout history, women have always been looked down upon by men. A majority of men thinks that they have more power than women. Back in the days, men had dominance over women, and women has been trying to stand up for themselves ever since. In the plays of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and A Street Car Named Desire by Tennessee Williams, Williams depict women as lonely and were looked down upon. Williams feels that women should be looked down upon because of his cruel relationship with his mother and sister overpowering him in the past. Williams interprets some part of his life in the plays, like his drinking habits and uses of emotions but most portrayed in women since he was gay. In Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Women portray these characteristics in Big Mama and Margaret. Big Mama is very lonely and she is looked down upon by Big Daddy and didn’t show any affection towards her at all. Margaret is very lonely because Brick; her husband, didn’t show any love for her. There are also times when she is looked down upon by Brick while they were having a conversation. In A Street Car Named Desire, the women who portray these characteristics are Blanche DuBois and Stella. Blanche is very lonely ever since the boy she loved died. She desire for love and affection from someone so she can escape from the past she had. In many scenes in the play, Stella gets looked down upon by her husband Stanley. In the play A Street Car Named Desire, loneliness was portrayed in the character Blanche DuBois. Ever since the boy she loved committed suicide, she became very lonely. Her loneliness comes into play when her promiscuous behavior started to occur. The behavior occurred when Blanche hits on a young man who came to collect for the paper. What was also learned

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