Women Owned Small Business In Government Essay

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Running head: WOMEN OWNED SMALL BUSINESS IN GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS Women Owned Small Business in Government Contracts In APA Style Katherine Albert QRA Internship ALLC Women Owned Small Business in Government Contracts Government contracts can be a vast source of business income for beginning as well as recognized women owned businesses. By helping these small and disadvantaged businesses, the government is allowing them to build their potential to compete more successfully in the global economy by providing information and procurement assistance. Understanding the process and how to navigate it successfully are imperative to getting those contracts. There are ever growing opportunities and resources available to women no matter what the experience level in the federal procurement field. This paper explores the many avenues of the world of women owned small business (WOSB) in government contacts and observes the benefits of being an economically and socially disadvantaged business. Although in late 2007, the SBA announced proposed changes making it harder for women business owners to receive government contracts in a majority of the industries it still holds many benefits. Being a small woman owned business (SWOB) gives you the opportunity to be registered in multiple resources where there is a much broader audience of many contracting officers that could learn about your business. Being identified as a SWOB can make it easier to obtain financing from lending institutions and the SBA always backs the financing of loans that are made to SWOBs through the lending institutions that only work with certified business owners. Certification of a small business is a review process that gives a formal acknowledgment that the business is operated and owned by a qualifying person, which is represented in an industry. Above meeting the definition of

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