Women Outlive Men

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Women Outlive Men “Men are better than women. Men should not do what women do because it will cause indignity.” Almost all of people are familiar with this quotation. There are many people who still believe that women are weaker than men, but it is the time for them to think about it again. People think that men are stronger than women because they can run faster, lift heavier weight, and do everything that women could not do. In fact, women outlive men by about five to six years. By age 85, there are roughly six women to every four men. At age 100, the ratio is more than two to one. Maybe some of them are curious about what reason that cause women outlive men. There are at least three major factors that make women live longer than men : genetic aspect, emotional aspect, and lifestyle aspect. Genetic aspect is one of the main factors of women’s longevity. From biological perspective, we know that women have two X chromosomes while men only have one because men’s chromosome consists of an X and a Y chromosome. This different structure of chromosome makes the different effect of men and women’s life. When their cells go through aging and get damage, women have a choice in terms of genes, whether on one X chromosome or the other. If one X chromosome gets damage, women still have another X chromosome which will protect them from genes disease. On the other hand, this situation will be different for men because they just have one X chromosome in their body. As a result, if the X chromosome gets damaged by age, men will not be protected by the other chromosome because they have different type of chromosome. This biological aspect make women can live longer than men because they get better protection from their own body. Another factor that makes women outlive men is their emotional aspect. In a modern society, people tend to have a good and
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