Women of Brewster Place Essay

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If I was to take a twelve-hour bus trip with one of the women from Brewster Place, I would choose Ciel. Ciel has been through so much in her life, that she would be most interesting to talk to. I would be able to pass the time of a twelve hour bus ride a lot faster if I was talking to Ciel. I would ask her where she was going and she would tell me she was going as far away from her old neighborhood as possible, and then I would ask her why she was leaving. Ciel would tell me that she wanted to forget about everything she had gone through. She was going to forget it all by moving on. First, Ciel would explain how hard things were for her. Her husband Eugene had always left her, but always came back. She would tell me that her friend Mattie always warned her not to go back to him, but she never listened. I would find out that she and Eugene would always fight. Eugene had lost his job, and they were struggling with money. She would tell me that Eugene did not like their daughter Serena because he thought of her as a waste of money. She would even tell me she got an abortion because she did not want Eugene to leave her. Ciel would tell me that Serena was the most important person in her life, because she could not hurt her and loved her unconditionally. She would then tell me how her daughter tragically died. While she was fighting with Eugene, she left her beloved daughter alone for a very short amount of time. Serena had put a fork into an electric socket. After her death, Ciel would then tell me how she almost gave up. Eugene had left, and her daughter was gone, with no way of getting her back. Ciel would then say how Aunt Mattie was there for her when she needed someone most. Mattie had taught her to not give up. Ciel would then tell me that if it wasn’t for Mattie, she might not be alive. I would not want to sit beside Cora Lee. Cora would just talk about her
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