Women And Minorities In Engineering: Why Do We Need To Fix The Gap?

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Abstract: Science and technology industry is an industry which is growing exponentially with time. Being a big part of this industry, engineering bears the same pace of growth and this growth is yearning for more engineers. It has been so long since businessmen expressed their concerns over shortage of skilled workers. In order to satisfy the thirst of our technology advancement and maintain the nation’s wealth, more engineers need to be produced from United States. Men of the majority group could no longer offer sufficient amount of engineers. Another way out is to promote engineering among women and minorities to increase the number of engineers graduating in United States. Unfortunately, due to cultural views and conventional expectations and stereotyping, women and minorities seem to have trouble entering the engineering field. The barriers prohibiting their participation can be traced down to the very beginning of their educational experiences and family backgrounds. Discussing the problems faced by women and minorities in details allows us to tackle the problem more efficiently. For minorities, it is said that they suffer cultural alienation and stereotyping, and as a result, shy themselves away from involving in engineering field. Women, on the other hand, experience discrimination on their ability to perform. It also has many to do with the mixture of assumptions impose upon them by their employers and male colleagues. Solving this issue might not be the easiest task. Therefore it is even more necessary that the government take it as the national’s priority. Topic Description: This topic discusses the participation of women and under-represented groups in engineering society. Instead of just looking at the surface of the problem, I feel that it is much important that we find the core problems as to why participation of under-represented groups is low.

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