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Women and Equality in Today’s Society Sluts, maids, bitches, and hos; All of these words people use that usually are associated with women. In today’s society, “traditional views” of women are starting to fade and a new generation is starting to merge the original gender roles into one. More women are going to school to get educated so that they can start working in careers that they want. I went to school for an automotive class and a year or so later ended up working for Jiffy Lube. Also, more women are getting involved in the army. They are taking the traditional male roles and succeeding. Traditional roles of gender are becoming less popular which gives women an opportunity to become more independent; therefore they should take advantage of this change. Others may argue that women should show their femininity in ways such as the way they dress, walk, speak and other aspects (Devor 388). Women should act “properly’ like that of the traditional ways. Also, if women were to go out and work to support a single-parent home, there would be problems. One problem being that there is no father figure present, leaving no dominance in the household (Tocqueville 378). Another problem is the fact that women usually are paid less than men making it harder to make ends meet. Likewise, women that get into professional sports do not get the same recognition and respect that men’s sports get such as the MLB, NBA, or the NFL. Some see the acts of femininity as “communicating weakness, dependency, ineffectualness, availability for sexual or emotional service and sensibility to the needs of others,” which is true for the most part (Devor 389). Women should be able to dress in what they want to wear, share opinions as they please and simply be able to show their individuality. As far as women in single-parent homes, even though they may be paid less there are many that succeed.

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