Women In The Soviet Union Essay

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Socialism, Propaganda, and Women in the USSR The Soviet Union Constitution, under article thirty five, claims that women have the same rights as men. Having these equal rights means women are entitled to education and training, and even promotions and various employments. Employers must not discriminate against women for any reason whatsoever. Women were supposed to be seen as equal, and receive medical protection as well. Though the Constitution claims equal rights, women were not treated as equal to men as they should have been. Women dominated the workforce in the Soviet Union. However, they were paid less than the country’s overall average pay. In order to formulate more working women and get them out of the home, the Soviet Union relied heavily on the usage of propaganda. Propaganda was the driving force towards mobilizing women to join and accept socialistic ways as well as leave the…show more content…
It advertized a utopian society, where there were no classes and no margins of error. Life in the Soviet Union was relatively easy. People had access to free education, free housing, and free childcare. The transition into a new government was a challenging part. The reason why socialism, in fact, didn’t work was because it disregards encouragement. People tend to act with encouragement, whether in a positive or negative way. The ending effects leading to the downfall of socialism made the citizens poor. Though there was some individual freedom, the government still controlled everything. The government also took over the press and the media with its heavily influenced use of propaganda. People could not choose to ignore the messages and the meanings behind each and every piece of propaganda that the government plastered all over the Soviet state. There was no guarantee that such an idea would have worked despite being put to the test. Socialism changed the face of the world, not just the Soviet
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