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Women In Science Essay

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  • on March 25, 2012
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DBQ women in science
    During the 17th and 18th centuries it was thought that women didn’t have the same capabilities in science as men did, thus they were looked down upon. It was extremely difficult for women to proceed in scientific society with the constant rejection from men, schools, and even other women. In this time their jobs were to be good wives and good mothers and wives. Men were threatened by women joining this field, and to satisfy them a little, some women were allowed to study botany and biology. Although there was much controversy some women did participate in science. However, some people didn’t find the scientific participation of women wrong.
The most popular view of women in science was the dominant male perspective. In document 3 Samuel Pepys stated after going to a woman scientist’s home all he had seen was that she was a bad housewife and he didn’t hear anything that was worth hearing. Johann Eberti (document 1) had a similar statement for another scientist, “she neglected her household.” This mentality was engraved so deeply in society’s mind that even women believed it. Marie Thiroux (document 12) was one of these women. Because Johann Theodor Jablonski (document 8) was the secretary of the Berlin Academy of Science he supported the sexist views that the academy would be ridiculed if women took active roles in science. As the typical head of a university in 1745, Johann Junker (document 10) rejects women’s views on wanting to study science.
Of course women’s presence had to be acknowledged, whether through scandal or acknowledgement. Document 4 shows neutrality that women participated in science. It demonstrates the acceptance of women’s capability to collaborate, as does document 6 where an astronomer’s wife found a comet before he did. In document 5, Maria Sibylla Merian, a German entomologist withdrew from human society and engaged in biological investigations.
Some people didn’t find anything wrong with allowing women into...

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