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Women in Psychology Essay

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  • on December 2, 2013
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Women in Psychology Paper
Karina Garcia
November 18, 2013
Kelle Daniels

Women in Psychology Paper
It feels as though most of the time when thinking about psychology and the great contributions that have been made to it, that most of them have been from men, but along the way there have been several influential women that have contributed to the field of psychology as well. Just like men, there were several women who were pioneers, theorists, and counselors; many of these women have contributed to the field of psychology in their own special between the years of 1850 and 1950. Of all these amazing women who are pioneers, theorists, and counselors, the one who stands out the most is Anna Freud with her background, her theoretical perspective and contributions in the psychology field.

Anna Freud was born December 3, 1895. She was born to Martha and Sigmund Freud, the youngest of six children. Anna had a very close relationship with her father all throughout her life, but was distant with her mother and most of her other siblings, but Anna had an even worse relationship with her older sister Sophie. Sophie was just two years older than Anna. Anna referred to her as her rival and she began to compete for their father's attention. Sophie was the more attractive child and Anna was the smart one. Sophie was said to be the “beauty” and Anna was the “brains”. Anna appeared to have an unhappy childhood, and was nurtured by the family’s nurse Josephine. Anna was known to be a troubled child. Her father often wrote about her, referring to her as being naughty. Anna wrote letters to her father as a child. She would let him know how bad thoughts had been going through her head. She was a bit overweight and may have suffered from depression at an early age.
Anna began attending school in 1901. Although she was very intelligent, she did not enjoy school. She complained about being bored and restless all the time. She claims to not have learned much in...

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