Women In Leadership Essay

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WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP POSITION INTRODUCTION: The need for women to be adequately and fairly represented in position of authority and power at the grassroots, district, divisional and national levels and in all the sectors in The Gambia can never be under rated. Women have always contributed to the public good in the conduct of their daily lives contributes to the national economy. It is only fitting that they be extended to the opportunities necessary to exercise their equal human rights to participate fully in public and official decision-making processes. Given a chance, their ideas and creative solutions, borne of their own particular life experience and knowledge as women, wives, daughters, sisters and mothers, can add immensely to the standard and quality of Gambian life. Women positions in top decision-making roles are a key ingredient of making this a reality, and will contribute to the general accountability of our public and private institutions. The Gambian constitution itself provides general acceptable standards of legal equality between men and women. GENDER MAINSTREAMING OUTLINE GENDER: Gender is a social difference between men and women that are learned, changeable over time with wide variations within and between cultures that leads to inequalities. It is the socio-economic variables that analyze roles, responsibilities, constrains, opportunities and needs of men and women. Gender is a result of what our various cultures define for us as masculine and feminine, and society – parents, elders and peers all work together to help mould us into those roles. Whilst sex is what we are born with, which is biologically determine. In order words sex is the difference between men women that are universal and are unchangeable. That is to say they are God given. CONCEPT OF GENDER MAINSTREAMING (BACKGROUND AND WHY) The concept

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