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Women Final Paper Michael Young HIS 204: American History Since 1865 Professor: Germany Davis May 6, 2013 Women Final Paper Women through out history have been the other half of men, but not always measured the same. Women have made many strides in our brief history as a nation, and will continue to do so for many more years to come. Women have not always had the same entitlements as men have over the years, but as each decade and new political groups begun to emerge, we have seen a change that women wanted. I will show you how they have worked, collected wages, voted, change of fashion, and their view on life through out time from 1865 on. Women in the nineteenth century were the home and children keepers. There was not that many that where out making a career or earning wages. But that was not always the case, as seen by Ida Tarbell; she was an author for the magazine McClure’s in the 1900’s. She was known among others as a muckraker, and making a name for herself talking about the monopolistic business practices of the Standard Oil Company. (Bowles, 2011) A fine example of women trying to change things around is Jane Adams. Jane had the privilege of earning a higher education. Coming into wealth from her family, she and a friend of hers traveled Europe and visited a settlement house for boys. (Bowles, 2011). Jane and a friend called Ellen Starr helped put together the Hull House for girls. (Carroll, 1989). They wanted to help out the needy and to teach the girls how to break out of the foundations of domesticity. Basically they wanted the women to be able to do more than just take care of the home and children, and work on careers. The first house was set up in Chicago, in 1889, and has helped countless women over time. These houses expanded their services to help immigrant families to learn the new American culture and language.

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