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Women in History Sherry Simon HIS204: American History Since 1865 Laura Guardino July 9, 2012 Abstract In America today, equal opportunity is a big thing. All people are allowed to apply for the same types of jobs, able to apply for the same positions, and also, receive the same amount on their paycheck. For example, there are no factors that can limit this right now. Back in the early 1900s, I cannot say that finding and holding a job was this easy. Discrimination was a very serious thing in this era. People who were not white males pretty much had no rights. Although this was indeed true for everyone, women honestly had it a tad worse than men. They were not able to vote, own land, or even speak for themselves at times. Women in History The early 1900s was an interesting era for our country. There were many wars going on, a lot of things happening to the country. There were wars, economic downfalls, and also wars within the country dealing with race. Women definitely had the short end of the stick. They literally had no say so for themselves. America is always undergoing some kind of change. One of the most remarkable periods of change occurred roughly 1865 to the early 20th century. Many of our biggest cities today were apart of this expansion that occurred at such a rapid pace back then. There was a main focus when it came to construction. One of America’s biggest construction projects of the United States was the construction of the American freeway, better known as the interstate. The beginning of the building of the interstates began in 1956. The 1956 Highway Act is what started it all. The American city was changing because of this for the fact that the interstates were going through them. This had an impact on everyone’s lives. All the men were working, women held things together at home. There were multiple reasons the year 1919 was called a

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