Women in Business Essay

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Woman In Business Hsiao-Han, Hung Before the twentieth century, in which before industrialization and the rise of high-tech industry, women were considered inferior to men in many areas of society. During that time, women were primarily considered housewives, and they were not allowed to work. This phenomenon resulted in sexual discrimination, and was reflected in the fact that men had higher social status than women did. However, from twenty century, more women were educated, having equal or higher degrees than men. So I believe women are capable of competing with men, whereby it is important to have women in leadership positions. One of the reasons that I think it is important to have women in leadership is that most of women have many characteristics that men do not have—such as thoughtful, patient, empathy, discreet and etc. In business, there is no doubt that profits is above everything. Nevertheless, discreet thinking could help avoid excessive risks while chasing profits. In addition, discreetness is a factor to gain trust from people. Furthermore, women are good at communicating in a patient or empathetic way. This is a strong factor in creating a well-build organizational environment. Many leadership positions today are occupied by men. I am strongly convinced that having more women in leadership positions is necessary to encourage the next generation of females to pursue leadership. Strong female role models can also increase awareness among other women that they can compete on the same level as men in similar positions. Indeed, increasing in women holding managerial positions can lead a significant impact in today’s business environment. For instance, more women holding managerial positions will naturally result in women being employed and mentored. A decrease in sexual judgment or discrimination will also help level the
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