Women in Business Essay

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Please describe what actions you have personally undertaken to demonstrate your commitment to the advancement of women in business. The role of women in Business is a matter of ongoing controversy and debate even today. The majority of women feel that their salaries and rights are not commensurate with those of their male counterparts, despite their qualifications being up to par. This is a major issue lying at the root of the presidential campaigns, with both parties promising to rectify and reform this predicament in an effort aimed at bolstering women’s votes during this critical period. I like to think of my personal contribution to the advancement of women in business as my work for Nestle Nespresso, while holding a marketing assistant position for a few months as an intern, and later getting promoted by the CEO to work part time. This, while still pursuing my International marketing studies at Baruch College. My job at Nespresso definitely exposed me to the realities of academic life. I was always somewhat oblivious and unmindful of what it meant to effectively balance work and academia. Surely enough, I quickly realized how demanding it was, once I decided to accept the offer. Harmonizing work and school tested a number of my abilities, such as, self-management, decision-making, critical thinking, and organizing and planning, all skills that were honed throughout the process. Conciliating both those things helped prove my abilities to prioritize and complete tasks within assigned deadlines to meet job responsibilities. Women often fall under the stereotype where they are excluded from relationship-building activities such as interacting and being trusted. This exclusion can have an impact on women taking important decisions in the career world. I would call it “The stereotype of women and career”. As individual female leaders, it is essential to
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