Women In America Essay

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Being a Woman in America Having children and raising a family is not an easy task for a woman, but; in America these are not the only things a woman has to worry about. Appearances play a major role in a woman’s life. How she conducts herself and how she is looked at by others is an important factor. Women in America are constantly judge by what they wear, their weight and even the color of their hair. These things are affecting the way women behave in order to be respected and/or get what they believe they deserve. Women in America are constantly being judged by the way they wear. If a woman wears fitted or revealing clothing she is more likely be looked like as someone who likes to show off her body but not in a good way. Usually people in America judge a woman with revealing clothing as someone who is provoking sexual thoughts on to others. It is not It cannot be denied that all too often we judge people too quickly without taking time to get to know them. We draw conclusions based on prior experiences and stereotypes. As a result, it leads to an error in judgment known in psychology as "Halo Effect" and "Devil Effect". The first one implies that our opinions concerning other peoples' traits are not often precise and quite frequently depend on indirect factors. In other words, if a person has one good feature that is dominant, his or her other characteristics might be regarded as better than they indeed are. Thus, we try to expand a single predominant feature to the general judgment about that individual. For example, judged by the appearance, a physically attractive person will win and enjoy other people's favor much easier and quicker. Then, in the future, he or she will be presumed to have other talents as well, namely, high intelligence, good sense of humor, etc. It is good for those who possess such physical attributes, but very offensive to those who

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