Women in 1920s Essay

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The 1920’s was the decade for women’s advancement in Canada. More and more women were becoming socially active and coming together to create a stronger voice. They were becoming more independent and free despite of societal criticism. This decade made people change the perspective of women because of their exemplary achievements. The 1920s roared because the “roar” of “The Roaring Twenties” was defined by the development of women’s rights and prosperity that shaped the society of today. Rallying together to support a cause and women activism was at its peak during the 1920s. After soldiers came back from World War One, consumption of alcohol to deal with post traumatic disorder became very common. High crime rate, unemployment, domestic violence, “rebellious” women and other societal problems were thought to be its effects. In order to solve this problem, conservative and religious women formed temperance groups such as the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union to put pressure on the government to ban alcohol. They also organized campaigns to raise awareness among people about the effects of alcohol. This movement was successful because by 1920 all provinces except Quebec adopted prohibition. Another example of women activism was the formation of the Canadian brunch of “Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom”. This group consisted of socially and politically conscious women that campaigned around the country to promote peace and disarmament to avoid future wars. The creation of such organizations gave women the confidence that if they unite they can achieve their goals which created a much stronger stand in society for women. The 1920s was the beginning of a new generation of women. Many women started to break away from the conventional image of a lady and became more modern and independent. They created a new lifestyle for women. They thought of
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