Women In 1920 Essay

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Women During the 1920’s Sheena Mang HIS 204 Darrell Rice August 19, 2011 Women During the 1920’s Most women today in our country have the same rights as any man, at the same time there are other countries where women are still being treated differently because of their gender. Thankfully this country is not like that, anymore. There once was a time where women where treated differently, just because they where women. With time and a lot of hard work of some dedicated women, things did change. While women once had few life options beyond isolation in the domestic sphere, some historical developments presented new opportunities for women in society such as their duties, education, work, voice and even dress. A women’s role and the expectations and duties of most women in America. during the 1920’s. Advertisements suggested women’s greatest achievements were a contented husband, clean children, and delicacy in all matters of personal grooming (Gourley, 2008). Women lead the life that was common for that time and era, it would be a problem for most women today. However, at that time, that was the norm and it stayed that way for some time. In the 1920's particularly, women seemed to be taking over the ways of behavior, manners of dress, and standards of conduct that men had previously reserved for themselves (West, 1955). Women today have it easy, we are able to speak our mind, and we have the opportunity to do anything that we wish. The 1920s was an era in which a new morality swept across the country fueled by modern expressions of sexuality and the emergence of redefined gender roles for what came to be called the New Woman (Bowers, 2010). During the 1920’s that was not the case for women, there was so much that they could not do, and did not have the same rights as women do today. Women worked for wages as low as $6 to $8 per week, which
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