Women Equality Essay

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This is a prime example that mass movements harp on the future and not interested in the present. Even though women are able to vote and be a part of Parliament, they still want to be able to run for president or be a part of the Cabinet. In my opinion, these women and man were arrested because those used to “tradition” are uncomfortable to change. Sound familiar? These women relived the consequences that the great women of our time, such as Lucy Stone, went through themselves. The Iran women went to jail for wanting change like so many women across the world. “Sotudeh said at least six women have been sentenced over the campaign, with punishments including jail terms and lashes.” Did that statement just say lashes? I thought we had graduated from slavery times, and although the majority of Americans want the picture perfect life or should I say the traditional 50s family style, so does the rest of the world. Men are the majority and women are the minority not in number but in demand. People talk about how they are so ready for change, but at the end, they always take the easy way out because that’s how people know the world. To me, men are the easy way out in our society. Instead of taking a chance and putting our faith in something different we let the media, friends, and family tell us this is how things have been and this is how things should stay. I believe this story and the outcome of taking part in women’s rights supports the Parlor and Skinner theory. Different ethnic groups support different theories. Each individual grew up in a community that told them that women are inferior. Now the new generations of women are ready for a change and the majority generation is just not ready for that. Women will never give up on equality. The only thing that scares me is the “girls” behind the “women.” What I mean by this is, women are ready and willing to do

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