Women Empowerment Essay

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If a woman is happy, then the family is happy; when a family is happy, then society is happy,” pointed out Jain monk Sadhvi MayanaShrijii in a function on December 18 to honour women at the Balayogi Auditorium, Parliament House, New Delhi. The Happy Women Happy World Foundation initiated by the Sadhvi and Gurudev Shri Nayapadmasagarji — with the support and guidance of the Times Foundation, marking the inauguration of The Times of India’s 175 years celebrations — seeks to contribute to women-related issues including education, equal opportunity and entrepreneurship. Smt Indu Jain, Chairman of the Times Group, was among those women achievers who were given awards by the foundation for their sterling contributions in the fields of their expertise. Awardees included chief minister Shiela Dikshit, singer Asha Bhonsle, Supreme Court judges Gyan Sudha Misra and Ranjana Desai, industrialist Savitri Jindal and lawyer Nalini Chidambaram. Kiran Walia, Delhi’s education minister said, “Education and self-reliance are two important facets of women’s empowerment. For centuries, women were in subjugation. Along with economic independence, we need to empower our inner being gifted by God, and that will happen only with provision of infrastructure, law enforcement and educational institutions and that’s what the government and NGOs should be promoting.” Encyclopedia of Indian Saints And Sages, conceptualised by Smt Indu Jain and N K Prasad — published by Times Group Books — was released by Supreme Court justice Gyan Sudha Misra in the presence of revered Jain gurus before a packed audience. Earlier, addressing the gathering, Justice Mishra said, “It’s good that people worship women in India, but it will be even better if they listen to them. Women are still not treated equal; their abilities are still greatly underestimated. Women should not be dependent on anybody. They

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